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  1. I think Madonna could take him.
  2. I'm still Barnabas. I had a brief experiment with Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I was reprimanded severely by a few members.
  3. When I said I thought music and politics don't mix, I didn't mean that I'd let it affect they way I listen to my music. I've seen Springsteen and the Dixie Chicks. I couldn't care less what their politics are. If I have to listen to their views for 5-10 minutes....whatever. They see their stage as an avenue to reach alot of people. It's their right, I suppose. I don't agree with it, but I'm intelligent enough to not be swayed. And MC____, you're probably right, these 'rock the vote' tours or whatever they're called, probably have very little effect on anyone's political views. These acts are going to sell out, no matter what. If there's a hard line democrat who won't go see an act because of their political beliefs, there's somebody right behind them, waiting to buy their ticket.
  4. Those other two are just flat out derogatory, so that's a given that they're offensive. But for some reason, the word 'Jew' has always just bugged me. I don't know why. I cringe whenever I hear it.
  5. I just read that. There is a lot of woman there.
  6. I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't mix music and politics. Artists have the right to sing about what they want. They have the right to speak their views up on stage. I don't think it's the right forum, personally. But if I want to go see someone in concert, I go because of their music, not their political views. I wouldn't let a performer's views keep me from going to see them in concert. You have to lisyen to, what? Maybe five minutes of politics? You get a couple of hours of live music, so it's not a big deal in the broad scope.
  7. I enjoyed it, as well, at first. Motley Crue started it, and Shout at the Devil was a kick a$$ album. Then they re-released their first one, and it was crunchy metal. I also liked Ratt's first two albums. They were raw. Then, within like, 3 years, every band out there were prettier than most women. I sincerely thought Poison was an all girl band.
  8. That's it. I'm tellin'....(raising my hand)
  9. The best metal moment: When big hair metal went away.
  10. _jr_


    Look, if you don't stop following me around, I'm callin' the cops. Or worse, your Mom.
  11. _jr_


    I played baseball. I couldn't pursue it, though. I used to catch, because I have no depth perception. I know, it seems odd, but behind the plate, I always knew how far away the ball was. Out in the field, if the ball was hit left or right of me, no problem. If it was hit right at me, though, I couldn't tell how fast it was moving, or how high or low it was bouncing. Just looked like a straight line to me. Anyway, I played baseball. Now I just play ball with my kids. I still get to the gym 2-3 times a week. Mostly cardio. And I walk at lunch.
  12. Favorite word: Rhubarb Least favorite word: Jew (I'm not Jewish. I just think it's offensive) What turns you on: My wife when she chews her lip while reading. (She's unaware she's doing it, but it's incredibly sexy.) Sometimes, she twirls her ankle, too. Double bonus!! What turns you off: Bad teeth The sound or noise you love: Geese honking Sound or noise you hate: Bass that shakes my car... from another car Favorite curse word: jackass Profession you'd like to attempt: fighter pilot Profession you wouldn't want to participate in: toll booth worker What would you like to hear God say at the Pearly Gates: Your Gram's been waiting.
  13. DanielJ was saying in another thread how we've steered steadily away from music discussions. I thought about it, and decided to try and start a thread with a specific musical topic. Everyone knows about Van Halen's lead singers, and everyone has an opinion, I suppose. So I thought this might be a good topic to discuss. I don't know if it's ever been in here before, so forgive me if it's been a thread already. Anyway, I think I may be in the minority that likes alot of VH's work with Sammy. Musically, I think it's more polished than the stuff with DLR. Of course, that has little to do with the vocals. Backing vocals have always been top notch. Michael Anthony has a very distinct voice, and that's saying something, for someone who never sang lead vocal. I believe Al's grown into a first rate drummer before our very eyes. The first VH was pretty much straight up drumming. VHII, he showed some flashes of the drummer he was becoming. Women and Children First, he went off the charts, IMO. It was his finest hour. We all know about Eddie. A pioneer in his style. The only trouble is, he hasn't changed much since the hey-day. Now, onto the singers. You can scratch Gary Cherone off the list straight off. A random fart from my dog is more interesting that that guy. First, we have Dave. A born and raised front man, if ever there was one. Not the greatest singer, but a great 'rock and roll' screamer. Had all the tools. But then he started getting cute, caught up in the "dig me , I'm a rock star" thing. Had all the poses and catch phrases down. Started becoming the clown prince of rock, with his cute videos and whatnot. The worst thing that could have happen, happened. He put the music second. So, he's out. In comes Sammy. A bona fide musician. Not a world beater, mind you, but solid enough to have had a career before joining. The music is different, but at it's root, it's VH, no doubt. I think at this point, some of the edge was lost without Dave, but musically, it was fuller and more melodic. How much of that was Sammy's input, I don't know. May have been Eddie changing, or collaborating musically with Sammy. Again, I don't know. Michael Anthony's vocals were more prominent, to me anyway, and I think that's because Sammy's voice didn't take over, the way Dave's did. Anyway, VH with Sammy has a lot of really good stuff. Not stuff you hear on the radio, but the CD's other stuff. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge is a top notch cd, front to back. Ditto Balance. So, I lean towards Dave, but I give Sammy the respect he should get.
  14. Has that song been around that long? Geez, seems it would have bored a hole into my brain by now.
  15. Dynamite Kid ~ 88 Fingers Louie Actually, I kind of liked her/him.
  16. I forgot to tell everyone-- during the trailers before the movie, one night only, October 11, there's going to be a screening of the Stones and a bunch of their friends, from,like 1969 or so, judging from the young Mick. The name escapes me, but it has something to do with "The Stone go to the Circus" or something along those lines. John and Yoko are in it. That's all I remember. It's only going to be in select cinemas, so check out Regal Cinemas web site to get more details. Remember, October 11th. One night only.
  17. Well the kids and I just got back. I must say, I was disappointed, as were my kids. The setting is an ocean floor city, with the main character (Will Smith) living in the lowest level, the equivalent of the projects, I suppose. He dreams of making it to the top level of the city. Without giving it away, he stumbles into some celebrity status, through events not of his own doing. Over all, it wasn't horrible. I never laughed out loud, but had a few instances where I smiled. It moves along. As far as the soundtrack, it's mostly urban, which I don't care for to begin with. There are a few oldies mixed in from the Motown and Disco era, which was nice. I think, if I'm not mistaken, they were "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (I can't help myself", "Ooh, Ooh, Child", and a pretty good remake of "Car Wash". The Car Wash was sung by Christina Aguilera(sp?), and it was darn good. I've always liked the power and clarity of her voice, but I've always disliked her type of music, so to hear her wonderful voice be put to good use was a pleasant surprise. Finally, a song of hers I can listen to. But I digress.... Overall, I'd give it 1 1/2, possibly 2 stars. That's biased, though, because I just don't relate to the whole inner city, gold chain hip hop genre.
  18. . Yea, but he had power and wealth, that's the important thing. Any man who's thought process leads them to believe 'most women' are that shallow, as to be attracted to all the superficial qualites listed above, in my opinion, can't criticize anyone's thought process. 'Most women' look for more than that in a man. However, if that's all a woman looks for in a man, then said man is getting exactly what he deserves. That's all I have to say about that.
  19. Elvish, someone did a thread where if you could only have one mix cd to listen to forever, and I put that song on it, and specifically wrote, 'Judy Garland version'
  20. It's ok. I enjoyed it. Plus, I think there may be some penicillin somewhere around the house.
  21. Where "most femmes" (meaning the majority) are attracted to dudes with power, wealth, looks and an insatiable libido? Oh yea. That's the real world.
  22. I sincerely hope you're being facetious.
  23. I know what you mean, mich. When Paula Abdul was big, I had already graduated, done a stint in the army, and was working at DuPont. But you know what? These young people are refreshing. To think that they've never known a world without MTV freaks me out a bit.
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