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  1. Move there? I'm mayor of Dorking.
  2. You know what's great about this show, is there is no real time to it, so it can never be dated, you know? A few years ago, my kids were 6, maybe 7, and when school let out, we decided to let them stay up an extra hour, until 9:30pm. Well, the very first morning after they stayed up, they told me, "Dad, you have to watch this cool new show! It's called Gilligan's Island" LOL. It was on Nick at Nite, but they never saw it, because they had to go to bed early. I'll tell you, they watched it every single night, and I watched it with them. It's wholesome, inane fun. LOL.
  3. I had no idea Sammy. Ok, I guess I'll make a list: Deuce (From Alive!, of course) Let Me Go, Rock and Roll (also the Alive! version) King of the Nightime World Love Her All I Can Got To Choose Plaster Caster Only You Saint and Sinner Sweet Pain Secretly Cruel Well, there's 10. These are ones that always make the cut when I burn a cd for the car.
  4. Yes, they'll get to it when they get to it. It's not a do or die priority.
  5. Ok, I did a search, and there are a couple of KISS threads (even an enemies of KISS one, but they're fools anyway, LOL), but they didn't have anything like this. I know Katie, Ken, Foxy and myself are easily the biggest KISS fans in here, but they've been around for 30+ years, so all you other SFers must have one or two songs you enjoy. Just like the AC/DC thread, what are your favorite KISS songs?
  6. All is quiet, on New Year's Day New Year's Day ~ U2
  7. No, you don't sound like him. I was in the planning office yesterday, and they had him on, and he was railing about the school bus thing. He's a bag of hot air, just like all the others.
  8. My personal Queen Favorites are: 39 All Dead, All Dead Fight From The Inside Good Company The Prophet's Song Tie Your Mother Down Death On Two Legs Now I'm Here Sheer Heart Attack Oh, man, I could go on, but I'll stop.
  9. I must be fortunate. I rarely get junk mail. I get Orion Telescope ads all the time. I visited the Houston Astro's site once, and somehow, I get their weekly newsletter. Other than that, I get the stray so-and-so needs a transfusion or something along those lines.
  10. Marc, have you been listening to Rush Limbaugh?
  11. You can't miss with "The Twist" I'll try and think of more while I'm at work.
  12. Maybe it's no one likes them.LOL
  13. Another One Bites The Dust is the worst crap Queen ever released. The ablum "The Game" also spawned "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" which was uncharacteristically unimaginative, coming from Queen. Other songs on the album, Dragon Attack, Sail Away Sweet Sister, Don't Try Suicide, etc, are all good cuts.
  14. If I knew Mariah 'the dog whistle' Carey was going to be there, I'd have left as well.
  15. 80's rock is all that hair metal stuff. Ratt Crue Cinderella Def Leppard Quiet Riot Twisted Sister Guns n Roses Hanoi Rocks Kix Warrant Skid Row
  16. There is no classic rock from the 80s. It's all 80's music.
  17. He came along at the right time. He wasn't the first to rock and roll, but he was a leader when it came to taking it over the edge. I mean, look at his early clips. Every inch of the guy moved when he sang. Toes, ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders, all the way up to his hair. He was a full body spasm, the likes of which no-one had ever seen before. He took the Mississippi Blues he listened to growing up, and turned it into Elvis Presley's voice. Though Little Richard was a lot racier, lyrically, and Jerry Lee Lewis was a lot wilder on stage, neither had the pure charisma Elvis possessed. Some people have an aura, a true brighter light shining from withing them. Elvis had that his entire life. That incredible voice. No one, and I mean no one, ever, sang like Elvis. I love the guy, always have. I remember crying when Elvis died. I was 13, and it was the first real sadness my Mom and I shared.
  18. I also understand it's got some pretty good music throughout.
  19. Lindisfarne? Badfinger? Bo Donaldson?
  20. He's a sh^t stirrer. Quite frankily, I've had about all the belly aching I can take about this. Who gives a rat's A## who is sending what, or who sent it first? The bottom line is, people are dying. Every day. It needs to stop. All the political posing and nonsense has to take a back seat.
  21. I've always been partial to 'Higher Ground' and 'Uptight'. Fingertips is a must for any who is just discovering Stevie.
  22. _jr_

    List 14

    I'd love to, but all I own are old albums. I'm sure there are newer artists that should be heard.
  23. I just watched the Concert for Hurricane Katrina Relief. There were only a handful of artists, ones with some sort of connection to the disater area (i.e., relatives, home, etc.) It was only an hour long. Here are a few thoughts: Harry Connick was ok, he did a few tunes, backed by a really good ragtime ensemble. Tim McGraw was his usual wimpy, weepy, blah, bland spineless, untalented self. The other half of the fan-plastic duo, his wife Faith Hill, was also there, and is easily the better of the two singers. He sings like he's got a stomach ache. Over all, they were forgetable. Aaron Neville is just freakish, with his linebacker body and tiny voice. What's up with that cross on his cheek? Is that a tattoo? Between artists, there we celebs reading off telepromptors, asking for donations. One who didn't read off one, though, was Kayne West. He made a complete idiot of himself. He went on this diatribe about U.S. soldiers shooting and killing black people down in N.O., finally getting in "George Bush doesn't care about black people" before they finally cut away from him. Now, I understand he's upset with the portrayal, and I have to agree, it is embarrassing for white people, the way the media has portrayed the race images from N.O. However, there is a time and a place for everything, and this wasn't the place for him to act that way. This was a somber setting, designed to raise money for hurricane victims.
  24. _jr_


    I don't know about the best songs, but my favorites are: Touch Too Much Walk All Over You If You Want Blood
  25. See Dick drink. See Dick drive. See Dick die. Don't be a Dick.
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