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  1. It means when I skipped kindergarten, I didn't miss a thing. Kindergarteners! (of course, I'm one of them )
  2. Every now and then, I regret skipping kindergarten, thinking I missed something. This isn't one of those times.
  3. It'll fade. Of course, we all thought Batman starting 2-3 threads a day would fade, too.
  4. Edited: per jr's request.
  5. Alice Cooper's "Alice Cooper Goes to Hell" tells of his journey into hell and back. An interesting trek, for sure. He meets the others in hell, meets the devil himself, questions whether or not he should be there, pleads his case. It's a very good trip.
  6. _jr_


    I like both equally well. They each brought their own sound, I think. Kind of like Van Halen. I liked Dave, and I liked Sammy, too. They were different. AC/DC, though, is all about the guitar, anyway.
  7. = I told you I'd get you.
  8. You know, the only reason I am even remotely interested in this is because all you guys are into it. I have to ask this question, though...The last show was two hours long, correct? Why? Did they sing a bunch of songs? Because I'll tell you right now, if you people sat through two hours of stretching out something that could be done in ten minutes, that makes you not just a dork. You're Dorkenstein.
  9. I have a few fillings. I had one tooth pulled last year. There wasn't anything wrong with the tooth. There was an abcess (is that spelled correctly?) under the tooth. Root canal: 1100.00 Pull the tooth: 25.00 And that's with insurance. A no brainer.
  10. I don't know if this is news or not, but I figured this would be the best place to post it. First, I'd like to say.... This Alanis Morrisette....remember her? You know, the one with the "I'm a serious artist, take me seriously" complex? Wouldn't do anything that 'compromised her music'? Well, I just saw her on a commercial for her "Jagged Little Pill Unplugged" thing, or whatever it was. Well now, it would seem, 1) she has prostituted herself and her music by hawking her 'upcoming tv event' in person, smiling all big for the camera, when just a few years ago, she was a brooding, serious artist. And 2) Has proven she was a flash in the pan by doing the same album, only unplugged. (and since when did acoustic become unplugged, anyway?) Creatively bankrupt. Finally, 3)So much for the serious artist schtick. She's cashing in. Let me just close by saying....
  11. Yea, that guy he's marrying, Furnish, is fairly well off in his own right, isn't he?
  12. Hey folks, only a few more days to put your favorite memory here.
  13. That'd be me. I innocently called someone a dork. It has grown legs for the past week. hey, where have you been, Tybalt? It's good to see you around.
  14. Well, I listened to it, and I don't recognize it. Its a nice tune, though.
  15. I'll bet the pre-nup reads like War and Peace.
  16. I could take or leave either one. I've never seen Bowie on stage in person, so I couldn't say if he's better than Jagger. I know the Stones was one of the worst shows I've ever seen.
  17. You live on the corner of Dork & Geek, right?
  18. I could, but I won't. jman, I sent flowers. You never got them?
  19. Oh, yea, I'm a dork, no question about that. However, I must object to the statement that I go 'looking for people to dorkify'. I don't have to look. you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a dork. Oh, and BTW.... dorkify? what a dork.
  20. What you're looking for it the "Lido Shuffle" perfomed by Boz Scaggs. ::::::::::::::::: Lido missed the boat that day, he left the shack But that was all he missed and he aint coming back At a tombstone bar in a juke joint car he made a stop Just long enough to grab a handle off the top Next stop Chi-town Lido put the money down, let it roll He says one more job oughta get it One last shot before we quit One for the road Lido whoa-ooo Heres for the money Heres for the show Lido be waiting for another go Lido whoa-ooo He says one more job oughta get it One last shot before we quit One more for the road Lido been running, having great big fun, till he got the note Saying tow the line or blow it and that was all she wrote Hed be making like a V line heading for the borderline, going for broke Saying one more hand oughta do it This job, aint nothing to it One for the road Lido whoa- ooo Heres for the money Heres for the show Lido be waiting for another go Lido whoa-ooo One more job oughta get it One last shot till we quit it One more for the road Lido whoa-ooo Heres for the money Heres for the show Lido be waitin for another go Lido whoaa-ooo
  21. Led, just because you actually know 1)one of their names, and 2)have followed their career, you are qualified. ^ Dork.
  22. I have seen this commercial a zillion times. Now, I suppose I will have to pay attention to it.
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