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  1. That's the same one I missed. I think we should get half credit. There is a constellation called Chameleon. (I know that's spelled wrong)
  2. Hey, we're all happy as hogs in sh*t just to be back.
  3. I think there's a place in your home that you can set it so everyone else can see what you're viewing. Of course, whenever you look, it's going to say "Checking Who's Online"
  4. I am going to get creative. Dork simply doesn't say enough.
  5. Health and safety reasons? What excactly was in those pants?
  6. Ok, I just created this one. In case of emergency: songfactor1@yahoo.com Songfactor #1 I say!!!
  7. Well, I still have my self respect. Kind of. I won't look up any answers for 55's quiz. (not enough time. LOL)
  8. He's taking on that "Oh, man, more pictures?" look. LOL. That's great, Elvy.
  9. Do you like apples? Well, not to thumb my nose at anyone, but those of us in SF fantasy baseball have a message board. How do ya like them apples?
  10. Man, I missed you knuckleheads. Most likely to get beat up on a regular basis ~ Karhul
  11. I think i missed ChrisWaters most of all.
  12. ^ Hollaback girl Of course I cheated. I looked up the answers like everyone else. You think I actually know all this stuff? It's not about the tee shirt. It's about the prestige.
  13. And you make how much doing this? You know, if I didn't have 15 different ball games to choose from every night, I'd go nuts.
  14. Count me in on the Grateful Dead cult. I just don't see the attraction.
  15. Not exactly. PBS is a non-profit organization, and they rely on donations from viewers to stay on tv. They must be doing ok, though. I started watching Sesame Street in, oh, 66-67 or so, and I don't ever recall WHYY in Philly ever going off the air once.
  16. Here is a list if all the recordings of it. Sorry I couldn't pinpoint the one you're looking for, but it might be on this list.
  17. _jr_

    First and last

    Me and you and a dog named Boo. ( I was gonna say me and Bobby Magee, but I didn't want to kill the thread already. It has potential)
  18. Man. I keep tossing them up there, and he keeps hitting them out. I'm going to bed. Goodnight all.
  19. Actually, my middle name is Earl. Seriously.
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