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  1. thats where i get my middle name
  2. no american if i know what you are speaking of
  3. Frankfort is the capital the state song is My old kentucky home which was actually written in florida by Key i believe his last name was and i have no benifits of being irish, and i carry none of the ressive genes from my parents except for blue eyes and by maternal i mean my great grand mother.
  4. oh jesus no i mean geneology
  5. thats what i call born to be wild the kid is a natural if that link dosent work start here http://www.freewebs.com/superchupacabra/KidFinger.jpg
  6. is what i get out of it since i believe the song is about a trip he had
  7. contemporary should be GNR is fine Do you know what i mean?
  8. well the best concert type video thing is Buck Dish by Rammstein it might be on live aus berlin i hate the song but that is funny involves gimp suits and leeshes
  9. Pagans are funny :happybanana: :happybanana: like in the film Darkness filled of pagans and severing the heads of small children i just don't see how they could have messed that one up
  10. My name Is Richard if you call me that i say i go by dick but i go by my middle name Patrick I am irish
  11. Gregorian Chants the oldest music ever recorded all in latin http://jbe.la.psu.edu/courses/sounds/gregorian%20chants.wav is a sample but bad quality and takes a while to download unless you have T1
  12. In the medieval time it was not only music but all other forms of art. Mostly Architecture like Notre Dame or various other cathedrals. Look out people who are now goths because they were used for religious reasons which now please correct me if i am wrong the lifestyle is completly secular and anti religous this makes no sense:googly: why become a goth:thumbsdown:? and not a viz-goth:coolio:?
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