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  1. I went to a couple of lyrics site. Nothing.
  2. Dude, ya gotta stop. You're out of control.
  3. Here's a question...when that too many connections thing happens, is it just this site, or is it a whole group of sites that are somehow tied together?
  4. Day one. I woke up. I went downtown to look for a job. I hung out in front of the drugstore. Day two. I woke up. I went downtown to look for a job. I hung out in front of the drugstore. Day three. I woke up. I went downtown to look for a job. I got a job, keeping people from hanging out in front of the drugstore.
  5. If you want a good laugh, play the Charlie Brown theme. Everyone likes that. It's called "Linus and Lucy", by Vince Guaraldi
  6. Look here, sprout, don't get lippy with me. I hadn't seen anyone else mention it.
  7. _jr_


    That's not bad news. That's just a cold hard fact of life. I have heard the guy. He sounds just like Perry. However, there is a huge difference between reaching the notes, and singing the notes. A chasm. as far as Oh, and the Stones, they were easily the worst band that day.
  8. Did anyone beside me notice that they dedicated Wish You Were Here to Syd?
  9. the warning light on Ultraman's chest begins to blink. The energy Ultraman gets from the sun diminishes rapidly. If it should stop completely it means that Ultraman will never rise again!!! Wow!! I am surprised I remembered that!
  10. _jr_


    I saw them in the early 80's, at an outdoor show in Philly. The old JFK stadium. (I think that's what it was called) They were they with Bryan Adams, the Tubes, I think Heart. Oh, and the Stones.
  11. Wow! I remember that video. That girl looked like some sort of ghoul or something. It was shot in some sort of stop action editing or something. Very herky jerky. I wish I could help you out. Maybe someone will be along shortly.
  12. _jr_

    LIVE 8

    But the point of this thread is to talk about the music. Or lack thereof. Depends on what you consider music.
  13. Like Austin Powers?
  14. I own the Sticky Fingers cd, and Hot Rocks. I'm kind of a passive Stones fan. I don't change the station if they come on, but I won't sit in my driveway to hear the end of a song, either. I can take them or leave them.
  15. I might be able to help out here, if someone explained to me what a Mod is. Seriously.
  16. _jr_

    First and last

    Hhmmm....Bobby Vinton? 19th Nervous Breakdown. (sorry, closest I could get to nine)
  17. Your friend? Or the rat?
  18. _jr_

    First and last

    :rockon:Thin Lizzy
  19. _jr_

    First and last

    Shadow Dancin' ~ Andy Gibb Wow. That's frightening on two levels. 1. That was the first song I thought of. 2. I am now going to sing it all day. Rats.
  20. You should take that bit on Letterman. Hilarious!!!
  21. I saw the Foo Fighters on Letterman last night. They were good.
  22. What is our room name?
  23. I'm getting readu to hit the sack. I will check it out tomorrow. You're not gonna talk in that internet talk in there, are you?
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