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Slightly irritating technical glitsch

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okay, I found another solution: in your control panel, go to "display options" and allow "clear PT flasher"

this will clear the flasher once you've been to your PT list (and not only after you read all new PTs)

so far so good, the funny thing is that I encountered a new bug - It seems now I can't disable this option anymore :P

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Another thing to keep in mind:

By default, your PT flasher will display when a person decides to do a PT Cleanup of a PT that they participated in with you.

You can go into Control Panel and check the box that says Ignore PT Cleanup.

This option prevents the PT flasher from displaying when a person leaves a private topic you are participating in.

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I can only imagine my ancestors complaining of things that everyone now is complaining about.

My personal theory is, after civilization, the true, only thing to complain about is/was constipation.

Now; people complain because someone didn't text them fast enough! Or, if the NetFlix video didn't arrive on schedule.

Man, when my great grandfather was worried that his tobacco crop might not meet "fair to middlin'"

that was a major set-back

Now, the only set-back society has is whether they want Le Seur peas or regular peas.

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