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"two things in the world that smell like fish" ?

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I just thought of a song, but can't remember title/artist... and Mr. Google doesn't help much :crazy:

it's early 90s Pop/Hip-Hop song with a female singer/rapper (maybe Salt'n'Pepa ?)

and the only lyrics I can remember is:

"There are two things in the world that smell like fish"

repeated numerous times - probably in the chorus

I know it's not much ;) :grin:

thanks in advance :)

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I googled and got Frank Zappa, "Jumbo go away"..

Jumbo, go away

Jumbo, go away

Jumbo leave me alone

Get your head off my bone

I wanna go home

("I'm hungry")

Jumbo lighten up


lighten up

Jumbo give me a break

Lighten up on my


That's all I can take

(Robbie take me to

Greek Town!)

It seems I can't explain


way I feel about you

You just don't understand

You're from Kalamazoo...

You got to realize

Our little romance deal

Will not materialize

Into a thing that you'd call REAL...

(I think I

have worms...)

Jumbo gotta go

Jumbo gotta go

Jumbo better get back

Or your eye will get black

When I give you a smack


Jumbo don't you cry

Jumbo don't you cry

Jumbo this is good-bye

I ain't gonna lie


wash up your pie

Wash up your pie

(There are

three things that smell like


Wash up your pie

(One of them is fish...)

Wash up your pie


other two...)

Wash up your pie

(Are growing on


...but he says "three" and not "two" according to what I found... :cool:

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There's no doubt ya'll have been longing for the other fish-smell explanation; here you go. CAUTION: This may cause pondering and head scratching. :P

Trimethylamine, also known as NMe3, N(CH3)3, and TMA, is a colorless, hygroscopic, and flammable simple amine with a typical fishy odor in low concentrations and an ammonia-like odor in higher concentrations. Trimethylamine has a boiling point of 2.9 °C and is a gas at room temperature. Trimethylamine usually comes in pressurized gas cylinders or as a 40% solution in water. Trimethylamine is a nitrogenous base and its positively charged cation is called trimethylammonium cation. A common salt of trimethylamine is trimethylammonium chloride, a hygroscopic colorless solid.

Trimethylamine is a product of decomposition of plants and animals. It is the substance mainly responsible for the fishy odor often associated with fouling fish, bacterial vagina infections, and bad breath. It is also associated with taking large doses of choline and carnitine.

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