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What are you eating or drinking?


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It takes a special kind to make scalloped potates properly. They usually taste better the day after.

But then, lots of dishes taste better the second time around. Italian food especially.

Oh, I'm eating an egg McMuffin with Mctaters and drinking another cup of green tea.

I don't think any fast-food chain can come close to mimicing an egg McMuffin. JMHO

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Oh my! I really miss Jack-in-the-Box fast-food restaurant! Here in VA there are none to be found but we used to have them in the late 70's and early 80's. I'm not sure why they left VA.

I always thought that their tacos ran circles around Taco-Bell's.

I regret that I never got a chance to taste their grilled breakfast sandwich.

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Not to sound bad but I try to give good advice to people. Drinking one diet soda is like drinking 10 regular sodas.

Artificial indgriedents, especially sugar derivatives, are the demise of health.

Ironic that media pretends otherwise.

My theory is anything that comes in a can, a box, frozen or says diet is the beginning of dying faster than need be.

(population control and big pharma's greed)

Oh, I'm eating a "fresh" spinach salad grazed with virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. A quarter glass of chablis blanc compliments it very well!

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