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What are you eating or drinking?


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I thought is was pretty good...salami, cappicola, provolone, with banana peppers, olive oil dressing, on Italian parmesean bread...

When you say it like that then I agree~ it sounds scrumptious.

But my weakness has always been old-world Italian food. My first wife's mother couldn't speak a word of English but it didn't matter...everyone at the table, regardless of ethnicity exclaimed the same way, including me:


The only thing else one might hear would be the traditional "burp" which my spouse informed was a compliment to the chef or chefess as it were.

I still dislike my first wife because she swore she gave me the original "sauce" recipe. She might have while leaving out one or two prime herbs or spices. Is this the same thread where we talked about witches?


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I once had a pig that sniffed out truffles (Tuber) but he could never find the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree nor the Camellia sinensis plant.


I'm just eating a sesame seed bagel with a smear of lox, ceam cheese and capers.

A fresh glass of celery juice compliments it well.

(did I mention that I have a juicer) ? ? ?

I practically live on it. The truffle finding pig unfortunately died...it was a wonderful luau, sprite with hula dancers and Don Ho singing ...

Tiny Bubbles


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