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Not true, Bazooka.

I've been racking my brain trying to figure this one out in the little bit of free time I've had lately and I curse you, Red Baron, every time i fail again.

But I have not given up on it.

I only wish I had more time to work on it.

Grandkids are taking up most of my free time these days.

Be patient, grasshopper, for I am geting closer to the solution since I have eliminated many possibilities.

You have thought up a very challenging anagram this time. :thumbsup:

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Ok, I spent many hours yesterday exhausting all possible solutions for the band or artists' name and I cannot find any that have the letters in the phrase, "aim onto anagrams".

I've either overlooked an obvious answer or it may be a person or group that I haven't heard of.

Next step is trying to figure out a possible song title and then I can search for the artist from there.

If I cannot come up with a solution, I may have to ask for a clue.

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I guess I need a clue, Bazooka. :confused:

I've tried every possible group and artist I can think of and then I even went through my music book to find a match but I came up empty handed.

It's a Top 40 book, so either they didn't hit the Top 40 in the U.S. or I was so exhausted that I missed them while searching. :sleepy:

I then tried many possibilities with the song title but nothing seems to fit.

You have totally stumped me on this one and prolly everyone else since there have been no answers in a long time.

This is, indeed a tough one. :thumbsup:

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The tune was composed by a legendary Jazz musician, but this rendition by the uncommonly named artist reached #10 on the pop singles chart. It was eventually honored in the Grammy Hall of Fame more than three decades later.

Maternal Women - Aim Onto Anagrams

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Maternal Women - Aim Onto Anagrams

The answer is:

"Watermelon Man" - Mongo Santamaria

(Written by Herbie Hancock)

Thanks for the hint, Bazooka.

I needed it.

It took forever but I did have a grand 'ol time trying to figure this one out. :thumbsup:

"Bang that Conga, Mongo."

Here's a new one:

Three Risk Gun - Deep Gloom Theft

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[smaller] Known to the majority of the world as "Count Five".

I think only Spain referred to them as "THE Count Five". [/smaller]

I should know better.

I once wrote a long letter lambasting a newspaper writer whose essay repeatedly referenced songs by 'The' Talking Heads.

I see that record jackets and labels read "Count Five" but, in my own defense, the 'The' tends something of gray area with a great many groups -- Smashing Pumpkins, for instance.

([smaller]Besides, including 'The' made for a better anagram[/smaller])

bazooka digresses. I'll get busy one on new one, and beat crowd

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Yeah, sometimes it's hard to know or remember whether the word "The" is used by the bands or not unless you look up some of their album covers.

I always do that.

But even then, it's difficult sometimes because a release in one country will use it while another will not.

I never understood why they do that or who does it.

You think they would all be the same based on what the band wants it to be.

I'll get busy one on new one, and beat crowd

Don't you mean "beat THE crowd". :laughing:

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