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[smaller]Well, Brad, it almost looked like we were finally going to get some company here in lonely Anagram-land.

Maybe this cinchy one will encourage some new contestants. [/smaller]

Lent You Hope - Norman Visor

It doesn't look like it, Bazooka. :tumbleweed:

I'm going for it. Geronimoooooooooo!

Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison

Maybe this next one will bring some cars back to Radiator Springs.

- - - - - - - - - -

Anagram This:

Theb - Siks

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Theb - Siks



Considering the degree of difficulty involved in untangling this 'bait', and the fact that most other Songfactors do seem literate enough to communicate coherently, I have to reckon that it is only you and yours truly that find this stuff entertaining.

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Looks like it's just you and me in this thread, Bazooka.

Even the easy lures aren't attracting any fish. Not even a nibble. :confused:

That's ok. There's still plenty of challenging fun available.

I'm not going to reveal the answer to the last anagram just in case someone is still working on it. :grin:

Here's a new one for you:

I Run Teen Snow - It Serve Ham In Face

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