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What grinds your gears then?

Henry David

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Most likely, if you in fact picked up a worm, it wasn't the same day you first noticed malfunction.

It takes a while for a virus/worm to show noticeable differences regarding what you and your computer are used to.

The only exception would be if you surfed a website for the first time that was already infected or if you opened an infected email.

Or maybe your computer needs certain updates.

Or, maybe you need a new computer.

So many options, so little tyme.

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It may not be a worm, (I actually doubt it at this point) I picked it up right away after my browser was hi-jacked from some unauthorized site. Norton is telling me I have had several trojans and I'm trying to remove them. Luckily I can still use Firefox (which I didn't before) but IE and Chrome won't work at all (or any other internet program I had been using)

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Ignorant, ill-informed, foolish political opinions.

Here are a friend of mines Facebook statuses the past few days:


So today's news... Dicatator Obama "felt unsafe" at a Tea Party protest where protesters were singing God Bless America, and He decided to call in the Chicago SWAT team to keep the protesters at bay. So in marches the SWAT team, fully clad in gear, to restrain American citizens standing by the side of the road singing a patriotic hymn. Marshall law? I think so.


News of the day: After a massive oil spill just off the coast of Louisiana, President Obama has today declared an immediate halt to all new off-shore drilling. Was the spill an accident? Or was it intentional, carried out through backroom deals by the White House in an elaborate conspiracy to have a reason to stop off-shore drilling? Hmmm....

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Political tit for tat. All the rabid extreme right people who were pissed at the rabid extreme left are now taking their shots and floating their stupid conspiracy theories. That is why I have no stomach for politics. I cant stand the Us vs Them mentality.

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I bought a new modem and installed it today, because everybody was telling me (including, but certainly not limited to, the high-speed Internet company) that my Internet pages loaded so slowly because my modem was so outdated they stopped making it 5 years ago.

Nothing is any faster with the new modem than it was with the old one. :mad: :mad:

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I did install it myself, with Cox Cable on the line telling me what to do.

I just ran my CCleaner and things have sped up a bit, with the exception of this site. For some resaon, SF message boards always load sooooo sloooowwwlllly for me. *sigh*

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For some resaon, SF message boards always load sooooo sloooowwwlllly for me. *sigh*

The settings you choose for the message boards can help alleviate slow loading of the pages.

Each time you click on a thread, the page not only has to load the text, but also every picture or smilie (if any) and all avatars on the page from the source where they originate.

This should be no problem when you're on a fast connection but will create additional loading time if you are on a slow connection.

You can try the following to see if it helps at all:

> Click on "My Fusion"

> Click on "Control Panel"

> Click on "Display Settings"

> Put a check mark in the box that says "Hide Avatars"

This will hide all user avatars from your view but will speed up page loading time.

Also, in "Display Settings", find "Replies Per Page".

You can choose a smaller number of replies to show per page (from 1-50).

Choosing a smaller number will help on pages that have many pictures in the posts by not having to load all at once.

By doing this, you may have to look at more pages if there are many new posts to read, but you can experiment to see what is good for you.

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I agree with Levis. I rarely have problems with songfacts loading.

I think you might have a different problem other then your modem Shawna. I don't need to ask if you've done the usual stuff, I'm sure you have.

Do you have a lot of big images or store a lot of mp3's on your PC? I had that problem once and after I dumped most of it my PC ran faster. I was always getting system resources errors and constantly freezing up.

I haven't had those kinds of problems tho since I bought a new PC and had some other options besides dial-up. My pages load almost instantly now that I have DSL. It wasn't offered here until a couple of years ago ;)

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Do you have a lot of big images or store a lot of mp3's on your PC?

I have itunes, but that's it. Plus I do store my photos on here, but how would that make an Internet site load slowly? (It loads just as slowly on my laptop, BTW. The only thing in common there is the wireless router. Which I would say could be the problem, but that would mean it should load more quickly when I'm, for example, at school using their wireless, which it doesn't.)

Sites like Allmusic load slowly, too. And some artists sites.

The Main Page at SF loads quickly, it's the message boards I have trouble with. The little envelopes to the left of each thread take a while to show up, and when I click on a thread sometimes it takes forever, sometimes I just give up. :crazy: The smilies are suuuuuuper slow to show up.

I should also mention that I do have high-speed Internet... and the lady at Cox told me I have the highest speed they offer...

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Your a youngin' so I would suggest maybe Tim, Levis, Viaene etc. I don't think Farin has FB or I'd include him as well.

Any of us older folk will of course will add you I'm sure. But speaking strictly for myself, I'm afraid I'm a bit boring :crazy: I don't really chat much.

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Rocky - I clicked on Lea's link and it comes up with the right Songfacts FB page. Look in the left-hand column under "friends," and there are some thumbnails. Click "See All" and it'll show all the friends for SF. Just scroll down and you should see all of us there in alphabetical order. :)

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