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Linkin Park

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I did think of the "rap-rock" catergory, but it seems they are usually considered "alternative". I think alternative is too broad a catergory, and there should be some kind of specialised catergory for these kind of bands.

*waits for someone to say Linkin Park should be classified under the "Crap" catergory, even though I disagree with this.*

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I like Linkin Park, one of my favorite bands of this decade, as I have a copy of Hybrid-Theory & Meteora. I wouldn't go as far as to classify them Rap-Rock, this sound is more generalized by the likes of Limp Bizkit, classic Beastie Boys, & 311 (just to name a few examples). Linkin is more of a standard hard-core meets mainstream staple in the current genre, & much like Gorillaz & Alien Ant Farm, manage to sort this out & stay above the level & their own word. Hype & image is for those who beg attention without a word of substance.

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