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Wow! It's like it suddenly rained Michael Jackson fans here. I count at least 8 MJ fans arriving at the same time. Which is just fine by me. Coincidence or concentrated effort? Doesn't really matter either way, but I am just curious. We are all music lovers here.

I have a few legitimate MJ questions for you who seem so devoted and hopefully knowledgable. I thought he was a really good-looking guy when he made Thriller, but things started spiralling beyond reality after that, on a personal taste level. What is his real age? Do you think he will ever tour again? Can he still perform at the energy level with which he did about 15 years ago? Do his fans worry about the plastic surgery business ... I mean is there such a thing as too much? Can it affect him physically or interfere with his singing? Afterall, the nose and its dynamic airflow function is a very important part of any vocalist's instrumentation. And his nose has been evolving rather radically. Will this eventually change his sound? Will he make new records as frequently as he once did?

I am not a fan of his, but I am a curious fact-seeker who has questions.

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