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  1. omg i cant belive u dont know who michael jackson is!lmao!how old r u!?!?not u mona that person that didnt no hu mj is
  2. mj IS the greatest entertainer of all thime!there is no "one of" about it
  3. god every1 here now is an mj fan hha
  4. im buying mine tomorrow! i every1 here from MJNO now?!?!lol!!
  5. yeh billie jean is just legendary!!! nd everythin else by the king of pop!
  6. 70s off the wall-michael jackson 80s thriller-michael jackson BAD-michael jackson 90s Dangerous-michael jackson HIStory michael jackson BOTDF-michael jackson 00s Invincible-michael jackson as u can tell im a michael jackson fan lol
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