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Lost SPOILER Thread!

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If you're gonna spoil the episodes please go all out and be kind enough to give a 500+ word summary so that we , who must wait nearly a year , can get some relief . This thread feels like being at the back of a huge crowd who are watching something exciting happening but we can't see a damn thing - just relying on the tidbits of conversation and comments of those who can . :(:)

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I appreciate that - THANKS ! :thumbsup: :bow: However , the words , alone , are empty without somebody giving their impressions of what happened - it's such a ' moody ' show . 100 words ? ;)

Pretty please with sugar on top - AND I'll send you all the dried squid you can eat ' fresh ' from Japan - great as beer snacks - don't expect any kisses - and for breaking the ice at parties ! ? :grin:

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I don't mind there being more people added to the mix. It makes it interesting. If I had to deal with Charlie for an entire hour every week I'd slit my wrists.

His name is Rodrigo Santoro and he is one of the new permanent cast members. It seems like they are gradually working him in, which is better than all of a sudden making him a regular. I believe the blonde girl on the beach who was talking to Locke last week is also a new regular.

I'm not much for pretty boys, but Rodrigo sure is beautimous. And apparently he has something on his lip.


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They're not really "appearing" - one half of the plane had about 40 survivors, and it landed on one side of the island. The back half landed on the other side, and had a number of survivors. So you've always seen a bunch of nameless people, and they're just now introducing some of them.

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