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Something to "Pond"-er.

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i'm just wondering whether it's less complicated than that. all the bands mentioned are from the same era, have similar influences, eachother as well as blues and jazz, like edna pointed out. perhaps it's just that

I totally agree with that. Most of the bands mentioned are so tied into that single period that they've become icons of more than just music. Classic rock will probably be the same in 25 years, as will "Golden" Oldies. You're not likely to hear Kajagoogoo on an oldies station in 2020. The terms, though referencing chronology, are really just labels for certain moments in time.

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Don't get me wrong - there was some great stuff in the 80's. It's just all so overproduced that it doesn't hold up too well. Tears For Fears, Men At Work, Split Enz - all great stuff. It's probably about the same as every other decade, but every other decade didn't have the dawn of MTV. Everybody was concerned with looking pretty. In the 90's it became cool for rock stars to be ugly again, if only for a few years.

But it's probably mostly based on the fact that my teenage years were not kind to me. Damn you, Simon LeBon. Why'd you have to be so dashing?

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Sweet Jane, all of those British groups were influenced by American Blues and R&B. These groups would not even existed if it wasn't for the pioneers of Rock music. They have all acknowledged this in the past. This goes for American band too. ZZ Top, Janice Joplin, Aerosmith,Allman Bros. They are just playing Blues & R&B. Without the pioneers, Americans would have been stuck with Pat Boone and the Brits would still be playing Skiffle music.

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