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Tell me about Dan Fogelberg


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I saw him in concert at Madison Square Garden once and he is a fantastic musician and an under-rated guitar player.

His most famous song may now be "Another Auld Lang Syne"

I would say Phoenix is his most commercially successful album with this play list:

Tullamore Dew


Gypsy Wind

The Last To Know

Face The Fire

Wishing On The Moon

Heart Hotels


Beggar's Game

Along The Road

Personally, "Face The Fire" is my favorite song. It is a protest song about the Three Mile Island meltdown. Great electric guitar work too. Heavy for Fogelberg.

He has been fighting prostate cancer for a while and I don't know how he is doing...hopefully well.

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'The Reach' is my fave Fogleberg track...slightly worthy, rather twee singer/songwriter with an ok voice who occasionally hits a nerve with a good lyric and a nice tune...'Another Auld Lang Syne' is a good example...nice little angsty story about meeting an old lover many years later and the 'unspoken' gap that has developed over the years...they never were compatible but, hey, they were young, it was intense...but it would never have worked....would it?


more :thumbup: than :thumbdown:

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yeah i did hear he had advanced cancer. But this is what confuses me...supposedly he showed now signs of anything and when the docs checked him out he had advanced cancer in his prostate. Most people with that kind of problem show early signs. I think he thought he was eating wrong or he knew before everybody else a long time before.

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My doctor is 6' 7" and has hands the size of basketballs....I've already told him that if I develop any early symptoms of this illness then I'm toast....I'm not letting him anywhere near me! :blush:

Seriously though...get it checked...the practice nurse is 5'2" and gorgeous....I'm sure she'd lend a hand. :)

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