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Scariest Bands

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B-F, when you add a picture that is stored on your local machine (home PC), because you are using an "internet" language, it looks for your picture on the net instead of PC. It can't find it as it doesn't originate from a web address, so it displays a blank or link to something which isn't there :)

As Foxy said, the easiest way to is to create an account with an image hosting site - when you use it, you can put an image from your local machine onto that type of site as they "talk the same language" if you will. From there, any image stored on there can be pasted anywhere else on the internet and it will exist as long as you keep the file on the image hosting site :)

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Yep, they are all totally free with unlimited space. You can also upload animated things like Foxy's avatar. Imageshack, photobucket, uploadimages - there are loads to choose from :)

Aah now I see! Your Seal image is not only an image, you have also made it a link - but I can't see where it is linking to.

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Something like Mayhem...that has to be a lot of tough talk under the belief that any press is good press. I remember when I was younger my brother's friend had a tape made by a woman named Kat who supposedly was a Satanic violin prodigy (but she chose to sing in a metal band.) The name of the album was called "Worship Me Or Die." At the time, I found that a bit scary, but I'm sure now if I saw it, I'd be greatly amused.

There is something about Slipknot that sits not quite right with me. It has nothing to do with their music or their stage antics, but their masks are just a little disturbing.

Oh and Captain and Tenille, that's pretty scary.

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