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Simon & Garfunkel - Box Set


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I bought the Simon & Garfunkel box set the other day. It has all five studio albums they made together. I already had their greatest hits album but never heard anything else by them. I am glad I bought the box set, because there is almost no duds in all five albums. And they get better with each listen!

Does anybody else like Simon & Garfunkel? Do you have a favorite album, or favorite song(s)?

One thing I noticed is that each album is slightly better than the previous one. Does anybody know of any other bands that did this?

For Simon & Garfunkel, they started out with an almost pure folk-revival debut. My favorite tracks are "Bleecker Street" and the acoustic version of "The Sound of Silence." Then after Dylan went electric, they followed suit, employing more instruments and a greater sense of melody in their second album. My favorite tracks are "I am a Rock," "Richard Cory," and the electric version of "The Sound of Silence," of which instruments were overdubbed by Columbia to produce a magnificent track! By their next album, they really began to employ the complex vocal harmonies and arrangements of the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" and the unconventional composition styles of the Beatles' "Revolver." My favorite tracks are "Scarborough Fair," "Patterns," and "Homeward Bound." Their next album continued to explore broader musical horizons, featureing thick layers of instruments of an even greater variety, creative arrangements where songs sometimes blend into one another, and a occasionally a playful, upbeat quality similar to the Kinks. My favorite tracks are "A Hazy Shade of Winter" and "Mrs. Robinson." Building on these previous qualities, thier final album becomes one of the most texture attempts at popular music in the 20th Century, almost perfecting the combination of thick layers of instruments and genuine lyrics that make it a nearly flawless masterpiece. My favorite tracks are "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "The Boxer."

As a bonus, each album includes separate versions of songs and outtakes, which are all good enough to be included in the original listing.

The box set also comes with a very informative booklet containing the lyrics to every song, which were consistantly good, and pictures. Each CD has its own jacket in which the disk slides out. Some other reviewers have complained about the packaging, but they are fools.

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The five session albums S&G recorded during their brief life (as S&G) are brilliant. And I also beieve the next, the best... I can´t recall of another artists to have done such a lot of really amazing songs in just five years. For me, they are almost pefect.

"We´ve got a groovy thing going, baby", I love this song.

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