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Pulp-This is hardcore


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Pulp “this is hardcoreâ€

Although they had been around for quite a while, Pulp only became famous with their album “Different class†(which included the hits “common people†and “disco 2000â€). This is the follow-up, and the mood is certainly quite different, more dark and sinister. The album starts off strong, with one of my fave tracks, “fearâ€, a very lonely and depressing track that can hit home with lyrics such as “ here comes the fear again, the end is near again“; the mood is obviously one of isolation and pessimism, which is also reflected in the music.

The pessimistic mood continues in the second track, “dishesâ€, which reflects the drab reality of every day life.

Suddenly, the album becomes more upbeat with “Party hardâ€, reminding us of the ups and downs in life.

This is followed by another of my fave tracks of the album, “Help the agedâ€, which is full of poignant truths about life and getting old (“help the aged, one day they were just like you†, “and if you look very hard behind those lines on their face, you may see where you are heading and it’s such a lonely place†and especially the chorus “in the meantime we try, try to forget that nothing lasts foreverâ€).

As the album continues, the alternating of loneliness and pessimism with upbeat and fun tracks carried on, which as already mentioned, reflects life itself, with its ups and downs. It is the perfect album for all moods and certainly pulp’s masterpiece!

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