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New Message Boards On The Way - important

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We're getting close to our move to new message boards. The posts will be imported as well as all active users (those who have never used the boards will be deleted).

I'll let you know when we plan to do this, but the boards will be down for at least a few hours when we make the switch. The plan is to close these boards and make them read-only. Your private messages will not be transferred, so you might want to save any you'd like to keep.

If you want to check out the new system, go to Fusion and have a look. It will give you a good idea of what we're in for. I'm sure we'll have a few bumps, but I think you'll see that the future of our message boards is in good hands.

I'll update this thread as soon as I know more.

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We're looking at Friday for the switch. If you're using a bookmark to get to the boards, be sure to click the link from the home page to get to the new ones. There will be redirects here, but I'm not sure where we're going to put them yet.

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Read-only meaning that they will be there to browse through, but you will not be able to add anything either as a topic or a reply. You will also not be able to log in to view your ... profile anymore.

But that is not at all the way it is working.

I think you can still reply to old board posts, etc.

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