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Thanks to bazooka, I have checked out a box set of cd's by Bodiddly. While I was aware of individual songs, I had never heard entire cd's or read his bio. He is most certainly the father of "the sound" "the beat", what ever you want to call it.

You can hear snatches(samples) of his sound, those riffs, and beats in so many artists both past and current. Everyone from Buddy Holly, to the Stones, Eric Clapton and untold others. I'm Goin' Home by Alvin Lee and Ten Years After sounds suspiciously like Down Home Special by Bodiddly. George Thourogood's music is full of the Bodiddly sound. All in all, listening to these cd's and reading the bio was worth my time, and definatly taught me something. I'm sure Mr bazooka can enlighten me more!!!

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Some of the things that have fascinated me about Bo Diddley are:

His nerdy appearance combined with the unmitigated braggadocio of his songs (a facetious self-parody that I think became another feature in some of Rock music that followed).

His unusual appeal to Rock-and-Roll-hungry white teenagers, in the face of competition from much "safer" acts.

His under-recognized impact on the evolution of Rock, and the great number of famous artists that openly acknowledge Bo's influence.

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