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We don't get negative points for wrong answers, do we? :laughing:

No!!! :: You DO get a participation point for attempting a Question (so you're currently on 6 Points) and you can attempt it as many times as you want - but please limit it to 2 per post or I might miss it. :)

Q1 is a real "smartass" question. Read it carefully.


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Surely (Shirley) and Not Coke (Pepsi). I thought HD knew it, because they are best known as WHAM's Backup Singers. They had 2 Top Ten Hits in the U.K. in 1987, but were only moderately successful in the U.S.

So that makes you a clear leader with 5 Points for each of those 2 Questions, 2 Points each to HD and bluesboy for an Honorable Mention in each Question, plus Participation Points. That makes the standings:

Shawna 10

bluesboy, Brad, HD 2

Laurie, UncleJoe 1

Back with a NEW Question soon.


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WHO'S THE GROUP? I won't say too much about them, but they are regarded as legendary. (No clues in there, by the way).

I find this story intriguing. The lead singer, his/her Spouse and Manager all survived shooting attempts (same incident), but after the Group disbanded, 3 previous members all died from gunshot wounds in separate incidents.


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Could it be The Wailers? I know Carlton Barnett died in a shooting and I remember there was something like this with somebody´s wife. peter Tosh died that way too though he wasn´t a Wailer... ::

Junior Braithwaite was shot too... he was one of the founder of The Wailers...

Wait, Peter Tosh WAS a Wailer... must be The Wailers then.

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Could it be The Wailers?

:coolio: WELL DONE EDNA! GREAT ANSWER. :coolio:

Bob Marley, his Wife and Manager survived an assassination attempt in Jamaica in 1976, but three others all died later in separate shooting incidents - Tosh and Barrett in 1987 and Braithwaite in 1999.


That makes the POINTS:

Shawna 10

Edna 5

bluesboy, Brad, HD, Laurie 2

UncleJoe 1


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