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Hi All. Sorry, none of those. We have our Grandchildren staying with us again - thus the limited Posts, and of course the inability to access the Thread recently. Also I just haven't had time to write any "Quality" Questions.



Here's a few clues.

This Group was formed in the first half of the 70s under a different name. They had a name change (to the current one) to avoid confusion with another Group. This photo is deceptive because of the number of members shown, which originally was much greater, and at the height of their career I believe they were only a TRIO .

They really only had the ONE Big Pop Hit which was Top 10 U.S., U.K. and here in Australia in the latter part of the 80s. However they did chart many R&B Hits.

Some publications describe them as an "R&B / Funk" Group, and their sound as "harder" than Disco. (I've never really understood what genre Funk is. Even Rap gets bulked with R&B nowadays - shudder).

I hope that helps. I have to vacate my office now so my grandaughter can go to bed. Night All.


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Is the picture of Cameo?

IT SURE IS! :coolio:CONGRATULATIONS KATIE!!!! :coolio: 5 Points to you and 2 to Peaches for an Honorable Mention. I'll update the Points later.

Their Big Hit in 1986/87 was "Word Up". It was really interesting reading about them. At one stage they had 13 members.



We all know that, whilst they shared songwriting credits, John Lennon and Paul McCartney each wrote some songs with little input from the other. We also know of their rivalry, and I was surprised to read of the praise that John gave to one of Paul's songs. John thought it was the "best that Paul had ever written". Which Beatles song do you think it was?


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And I thought it would be tougher. 5 Points to Sammy, 2 to Elvish and 1 to bluesboy.

I should have stayed here instead of going out to buy Val flowers for her Birtday. (I'm not allowed to say which one, but she was 24 when we were married in 1969).

When I was backing out of the carpark another car hit me. I may not be to blame, because I believe I was stationary at the time, having just reversed and was putting on my seatbelt. It depends how the Insurance Company sees it. Otherwise it'll be the most expensive bunch of flowers I ever bought! At least nobody was hurt, but it shook me up.

I won't be around most of today, as we're celebrating Val's Birthday with lunch and the rest of the Kids around for dinner tonight.

Cheers! :)

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