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He may be if Old is comparing himself to the age of a corpse .... :laughing:

None today thanks Igor. I don't do Weird Science any more. Hi Katie!


He's much older (about 5 months) than me. He started performing at age 14 and had that BIG Hit just before his 18th Birthday. There's been quite a few covers of it which have charted. CLUE: His version featured bongo drums prominently!


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It's a toughie alright, but I'll bet Uncle will get it. He probably has the 45 r.p.m. record.

I like laurie's answer the best so far...day-o, daaaay'o; daylight come an me wan go hoome....(bongos).

CURRENT QUESTION 1. This young man (now older than me!) had a major Hit in the late 50s with a song that's been covered by many others. Who the heck is he???



Which member of a very famous duo hit in the 70s with his/her version of a very well known doo wop hit of the late 50s? (The song's even older than that. I remember Doris Day doing a version of it when I was just a kid).

Goodnight and Good Luck All. :) :sleepy:

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No Edna. That's fine. All info is welcome, but that is a flattering pic of him, would you believe. :)

1. Bobby Freeman..."Do You Wanna/Want To Dance" (covered by Cliff Richard in the U.K., Beach Boys, Bette Midler, Del Shannon, Mamas And The Papas, The Ramones - and they're just the CHARTED U.S. versions).

2. Art Garfunkel...I only Have Eyes For You (The Flamingos big doo wop Hit, as pointed out by Laurie - 2 Points to her for an Honorable Mention).


The EXPERIENCED (NOT Old) FOX sweeps to the lead! ::

UncleJoe 11

Shawna 10

Edna 6

Laurie 5

Brad 3

bluesboy, HD, Sammy 2

Kevin 1



I heard this Top 20 song from the first half of the 80s on the radio this morning. It's an almost "a capella version" -I understand the only instrumentation is a bass - don't know if it was stand up or guitar.

The singer was VERY popular in the 80s, one of my favorites, although I don't mention him very often. On the Album this song was taken from, he had great backup vocalists on most of the tracks.

Who is he and what's the song???


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