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Does Anyone Know....


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Ok, I thought I would start this thread for folks with questions about classic rock. However, it's not confined to just classic rock only.

The reason I started this thread is because I have a question:

Does anyone know who originally sang "I'm in the Mood For Love"

I know Rosemary Clooney and Julie London both did it. I'm pretty sure Sinatra covered it as well. I know the original is from way, way back, because I remember Alfalfa singing it on the Little Rascals.

Any help would be appreciated.

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don't know if this will be of help:

This song is another which has deservedly become a standard.

It was one of seven songs written by Fields and McHugh for the 1935 film Every Night at Eight. The film starred George Raft, and (more significantly from the point of view of the songs) three singing actresses - Patsy Kelly, Alice Faye and Frances Langford - as three singing sisters on the radio.

Frances Langford introduced and recorded I'm in the Mood for Love, but the performer who had a big hit with it was Little Jack Little and his orchestra. Since then dozens of performers have recorded it (more than 120 versions are listed on record store websites). It has happily survived its association with Liberace who adopted it as his theme song.

I'm in the Mood for Love was the inspiration for another song, a jazz standard. Music critic Will Friedwald describes the original record involved as launching an entire new movement in jazz, "vocalese". Saxophonist James Moody recorded a jazz solo which used the chords of I'm in the Mood for Love as the basis of a new melody. Lyricist/singer Eddie Jefferson then set words to the new melody. The resulting song is Moody's Mood, and Fields/McHugh are often given credit in liner notes of recordings.

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You probably knew this already, but the guy who played Alfalfa had a role in "It's A Wonderful Life." Fortunately he didn't sing in that movie.

You probably knew this already, also, but the guy who played Alfalfa was gunned down at age 27, during an argument over 50 dollars a friend owed him for methamphetamines.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :doh: :doh:

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can anyone help me please i am looking for a word that

Michael Stipe Of REM say,s at the end of this quote he was talking after one of his performances

( When Im performing it takes me about 20 mins

to come back down to earth after 1 min it is

purely .............)

i will be glad of any help as this has been driving me mad

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