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~~~Take A Listen----There You'll Be (I sang it)~~~


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sorry, I posted it in a wrong place, and now i have 2 post it again here~~~~

This song 's artist is Faith Hill.

You maybe know this song, and I just found the karaoke , and sang it ~~ hehe , hope you like it~~~

Just take a listen ^_^http://www.yyfc.com/memberinfo.asp?userid=218926

PS: this is a Chinese web , when u open it, u neednt do anyting , all u have 2 do is wait, and the sound will play itself~~~


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I can't make ChinaGirls' music load :(

Sue ~ That WingTunes site is hilarious....

I Wanna Hold Your Hand is toooooooo funky :rockon:

Oh no...now I'm crying from laughing too much :laughing: :doh: I bet Wings has a lovely voice if she's singing in Chinese, but The Beatles just doesn't do her umm...justice...don't get me started on Fernando..

I could have daaaannnceeeeeed alll nigghhhtt..! :thumbsup:

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