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Guess Who!


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Who wouldn't recognize that face?

Someone just sang one of their songs at karaoke a few nights ago. He did a real good job at it, too.

I think he thought he was him. LOL

I'm gonna pass and give someone else a chance since I just got one. Plus, I'm a DJ, so I know a lot of the bands and I don't want to be a post hog.

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Trampled, this game is much too easy... I knew all the answers...! Pls, post a pic of somebody I couldn´t recognize... :laughing: I would feel guilty if I was to win more points with your thread as I´ve already mosts posts than anybody (I feel uncomfortable for this too... anybody wants to share? =:P) :laughing: :laughing:

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Trampled wrote:

Damn brad. I guess I need to try and stump you too.

Horns connect to only a few bands and it only took one look at that hat to figure out it wasn't chicago. LOL

Of course on the new photo, those legs would bring any group of guys oogling. They could have been a bunch of street musicians begging for change when she walked by.


I hope their not one of your favorites since I laughed at them. :blah:

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