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Most drug influenced band

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I was thinking Motley Crue.

OK, I may be a little naive when it comes to drugs. However, I swear when I was in high school, I read an article where Roger Waters said that he disdains the use of drugs. Can anyone comment about Pink Floyd and drug use if any? Was their drug use just in the early years?

By the way, nice poll Ben, I think you forgot to add pollstop at the end of your post. I think that is what records all of the votes, and puts the "SUBMIT VOTE" button at the end. Too bad after 'x' amount of time you cant modify a message... I would have to see how many of y'all picked my homeboys Pink Floyd as the most drugged out band! :D

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I think Floyd used drugs to mak a more extreme sound but overall Bob Marley has had more lasting influence. I love them both mind you, but Marley's accessibility and uniqueness have left more of a mark commercially and socially than Floyd. Floyd have left us some great, if at times wierd music (read: LP2 of Ummagumma).

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LSD and The Grateful Dead go hand in hand from at least 1965, when they were first calling themselves the Warlocks

(but soon changed their name to the Grateful Dead)

They even had their own chemist/LSD manufacturer in Owsley Stanley...

Soon Owsley doses became legendary

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