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I'm planning on seeing this in the middle of Feb. (I'm trying to buy my tickets right now) I went to see "LiveCrime" back in '89 [yr?] & it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I doubt this follow-up will be anywhere near as cerebral as the first & will lack it's sentimental touch, but either way I'm looking forward to this. :thumbsup:

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I got to see them twice - 1st time opening for Ozzy on his Ultimate Sin tour (1985 roughly) - Queensryche was touring for "Rage For Order" and they smoked Ozzy hard - he was waddling aroung like he had twenty pound roids - I remember "Gonna Get Close To You" was big on MTV at the time (you know, when MTV played videos?) and they just rocked out. 2nd time was on the Mindcrime tour opening for Metallica on their "...and justice for all..." tour - IMO Metallica was in their prime at this point - they went limp after that release save one or two decent cuts - Queensryche was excellent - the sound and presentation were top notch - and it was the last show of the tour for them so Metallica and their crew came out during Queensryche's last song and emptied what must've been 50 cans of silly string on them. Guess you had to be there...... :laughing:

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