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Me again! This is called "Through"

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hey, me again! ahahahahaha all your praise is making me post more and more! it's a poem thingy i wrote in June


Through the clarity of unglassed windows

drizzled with tears of pain

Through the darkness of doors leading to

Destruction and creation as one

When will i see you again?

When will i be me again?

In my mind,

everything i say is in doubt

In their eyes

Justice is either with or without

proof that the only critisism i allow

myself is self-critisism

because i cant bear myself

Through the brightness of shadows

Curtained with envy and greed

Through the stillness of movement hearing

the silence scream

as it slices the air

When will i see you be freed?

When will i see me be freed?

Through the outside of inside

the upside of down

through the sunshine of thunder

Through the smile of a frown

When will i see me again?

When will you find me again?

When will you save me again?

(i was listening to Californication a LOT when i wrote this) :happybanana: post your thoughts please!

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