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The "Old" Songfacts Gang


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Huh?  bluesboy, I don't get the "olive branch" biz.  I don't have and never did have any animosity with any one here.  As I'm sure happens with just about everybody, I simply found other unrelated websites that I took an interest in, and kinda just let visiting songfacts regularly slide away.  Thanks for the cool videos.

My new semi-homesteading situation is grounded in nothing more than quality of life and pecuniary considerations.  In another five days,  I'll be 72 years old  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8VNtKwqmU8  and I'm completely content to have paid no mind to facebook, instagram and rest of that stuff.  But I'm not reclusive or antisocial by nature.  I'll probably be back here more often when I come across groovy tunes to share. 





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On 1/10/2021 at 6:59 PM, bluesboy said:

Carole and I should check in more often! I'll make a new years resolution for us. I mean we 're spending a lot of time at home.

We should all check in more often. Wishing you and Carole the best.

On 1/13/2021 at 5:52 PM, bazooka said:

Hey folks,

My wide-open musical tastes haven't changed since I first since I first signed on here in 2005, but pretty much lost my taste for the specks of smart-alecky trivia that seemed to be my specialty.  My interests have moved back to reading, writing and goofy image manipulation (photoshop stuff).

About eighteen months ago, We moved cross-country to larger rural property with space to raise a lot of our own produce, chickens and my girlfriend's expanding personal petting zoo (2 goats and a pig).  Looks like I last ventured to Songfacts May 2018.  Never have been a social networking person, but will likely drop in when my chores are done.




Thanks for keeping us updated. I will do my best to check in more often. It was always fun and I always learned about something new (to me anyway). 

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I want to check more often as well. I just did and sent a message announcing a sad knew some of you must have learned through Facebook. Uncle Joe passed away today. Very sad. He was our Guru. We loved him. ❤️  ❤️

Just now, edna said:

I want to check more often as well. I just did and sent a message announcing a sad knew some of you must have learned through Facebook. Uncle Joe passed away today. Very sad. He was our Guru. We loved him. ❤️  ❤️

Maybe we should call the fishies on facebook and open a thread for him... it would be fair...

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(Amazing that I still remembered my password here!) 

Was referred to this page by a link provided by Edna on the news of the passing of Uncle Joe, which is devastating. But I am glad to find this thread and read names I recall fondly.  I think of the old Songfacts gang often. 

My wife and I moved from Brazil to America 4 1/2 years ago, bought a motor home and have now travelled the nation since, until grounded in Louisiana for the past year by Covid. Since March, have been visiting friends and family in Brazil. Will return to the USA in May where we plan to get back on the road. 

Still write poetry from time to time and am always taking photos.  If anyone is interested, when we came to America in November of 2016, my wife and I started a FaceBook page/blog Rondi's Great Adventure. Like or follow that page and when we head your way, would love to stop in to see you.  Plan to see Marc (remember him?) next fall when passing near L.A. 

Blessings on each and every one of you.


Joe At Forks In The Road

We met early, like a Monday; by Friday we were friends

Neither one suspecting that this week might one day end

Bound by forks we chose; or agreed to build together

Exploring with a faith that love shared grows forever

Longtime friend, true chum, old mate, one same as a brother

Whatever friendship offers; it’s found within the other

Sharing better natures, our guide is that yet shared 

Quiet when required; listening whispers, “Cared.”

Never fearing experience nor dependencies allowed

In resilient terms, with bonds of steel, devoted and avowed

Thank you, friend, for lessons learned by staying on that road

And as the trail winds to its peak, your back that shared my load


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Thank you Ron. My google account remebers my passwords... yet I'm always connected to SF though I rarely come over. I love your poem, that was UncleJoe...


I have opened a thread for Dear Joe: https://forum.songfacts.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F19855-unclejoe-is-gone-we-will-always-love-him%2F&fbclid=IwAR0WOZOWEXeVGzUSxpA32YiRG6Uyc_-iUcP4-a3UUQHjtrCJ_AksAA_akaA




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