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Happy New Year 2017...


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Hey Kids...I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Don't feel bad about about those favorite rockers that died last year. It's just life's way of turning the page. Do yourself a big favor and listen to the legacy of music they left us and listen often. It's always there for you. No matter how many years pass by without them, their music sounds as fresh and crisp as it ever did.

Just today I cranked up "Once or Twice" by Chicago. It was written and sung by the late, great Terry Kath. Terry died just a week short of his 32nd birthday on January 23, 1978. His voice roared, his guitar roared; but he wasn't invincible. Overconfidence and silly gun play caused Terry to shoot himself dead. He sang lead vocals on Colour My World and Make Me Smile. He played lead guitar on I'm A Man and 25 or 6 to 4. If he did nothing else there would be a lifetime of musical enjoyment for me.

So enjoy the music that your rock heroes left behind. Here's Once or Twice from Chicago and Terry Kath for you:


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happy new year, fishies!!! :):)

RonJon -who's always right- thank you for remiding us of the true stuff in life.

And life goes on... and we're still around.

Thank you Carl, for keeping this site, home sweet home... even if I'm not home often lately (and not due to facebook) 

Thank you Shawna for being there... :) <3

Thank you all, my long time friends   :)  


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