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Flies On You


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I have many... I'm a lyric-writer for hire! I give you the proper colors to use and you smear it on the canvas as you wish! :grin:

Edit: My going rate at this point is simply credit where credit is due. Since I don't currently have a band going I don't see why my writing should go to waste. :tongue:

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Jim Steinman, Bernie Taupin, Julie Gold... I can handle the the type of paycheque they get. :grin:

I don't mind starting pro-bono just to get my name out there though. Besides, it's for our buddy BF! :thumbsup:

btw Shawna... I hate Beiber, but my nephew looks like his identical twin. He has no problem getting girlfriends but he hates Beiber too! :laughing:

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FLIES ON YOU feature on a just-released compilation album called "INTO THE LIGHT". We are on Volume 3 of this triple album: Link to Into The Light Vol 3

The album has been compiled and released by Dandelion Radio DJ, Mark Whitby, who says "the album features a whole range of artists and bands, many of whom have featured on my Dandelion Radio show and others who will no doubt do so in the future. All of them deserve to be heard by a wider audience and hopefully this release will go some way towards achieving that.

The album is also dedicated to the Russian band Pussy Riot, whose members were jailed for two years for the 'crime' of protesting against Russian president Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox church."

All tracks have been donated by the artists, bands and labels listed, with all proceeds going to voiceproject.org/programs/pussy-riot-support-fund.php,

Any money you opt to donate will go towards supporting Pussy Riot's campaign for justice and to supporting their families while they're in jail.

Alternatively, you can grab the album for nothing and donate directly if you prefer.

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The redesigned Flies On You website is looking pretty swish. Take a looky,here: FLIES ON YOU website

The "News Page" will be updated - it's being done retrospectively, and we're too busy this week recording more music to be giving much attention to the website.

Yes, we're recording new versions of some album tracks and an all-new number for a radio session for Mark Whitby of Dandelion Radio, to be broadcast on his show throughout March. They need to be ready this week. Pressure's on.

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Been a while since I popped up with a FLIES ON YOU update.

The session on Mark Whitby's Dandelion Radio Show was such a success, we decided to release the four tracks as an EP, so that's available from the FOY bandcamp page

We have recruited musicians to enable live performance and have our debut gig next month supporting a popular combo called The Lovely Eggs.

(Friday July 19th Hebden Bridge Trades Club)

We will be filming the show. From 3 angles, apparently.


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Who remembers Tom Robinson, of the Tom Robinson Band? He had some quite big hits back in the day: most notably "2,4,6,8 Motorway".

Well that Tom Robinson is now a presenter on BBC Radio 6Music channel.

And he contacted us today, to tell us he's featuring one of our tracks on a forthcoming show. :-)

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Saw Mr Fitter and his ensemble on Friday - the bastard lovechild of Morrissey and Muttley McLad!!! Decent bloke in real life too btw.

I admire the man's cool too - the fire alarm went off halfway through, and he had to improvise with 5 minutes stand-up whilst they found it and bludgeoned it off the wall.

Looking forward to the next one...

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