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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the u.s. dept. of justice - at the behest of their corporate overlords - have shut down MegaUpload and FileSonic. Some repiglican congressman was also pushing for the passing of the SOPA and PIPA, while our dear leader signed the NDAA in the middle of the night to take more of our civil rights away.

Is anyone here in the U.S. concerned that corporate interests now want to control what sort of access you have to the Internet by having their lawmaker lackeys pass "laws" to grant them this kind of power?

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And we're only talking about this now? :P

...in Europe everybody was quite concerned about it.

and yet Europe didn't and doesn't seem to be too much concerned about ACTA (apart from Poland where there were significant protests)

In fact I have to admit I only heard about ACTA first with the protests in Poland, after it was already signed by a large amount of countries.


(click for larger image)


EDIT: while on that, I can also link to The Oatmeal's take on this topic.

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It sucks that Megaupload is gone, I enjoyed using their service for many reasons. 99% of it perfectly legal and above board, but yeah. That said, Internet file hosting sites are like a hydra; you cut off one head, seven more grow back in its place. Just like getting rid of Napster didn't do squat about p2p file sharing programs, it only made about a dozen more spring up in its wake overnight.

I can understand the MPAA and the RIAA wanting to combat piracy, it's rather admirable of them. However, people use file hosting sites for many reasons OTHER than downloading or uploading copyrighted material, so shutting them down strikes me a bit as throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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