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It's the last song on the A-side od "Highway 61 revisited"... it's a quite well-known song, that's why I asked about it :cool:

It's not on youtube, I think, as CBS (or Sony) has removed all of Dylan's videos... you have it here:

"Ballad Of A Thin Man" - Dylan

Hope you can listen... :)

Thanks for finding the song for me to listen to, Edna.

I finally got to listen to it last night.

Dylan sure knows how to make long songs interesting. Classic Dylan, for sure. :bow:

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Name a song about teaching a cad a lesson...that ends with dumping him in the harbor for the sharks! (Hint: A Buena Vista Social Club singer.)

I'm gonna go with "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks.

No Buena Vista social club, nor sharks, but it's close enough that you can certainly use your imagination. :beatnik:

Name a song about moving in together.

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