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The Cosmic Sea Turtle

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Okay, just a note. This poem was inspired by my first ever acid trip a few years ago. I totally forgot that I wrote this, and I just found it while I was unpacking my stuff...The picture at the bottom is just a combination of stock images that I put together in Photoshop.

"Hop upon the turtle's shell"

The voice inside me said.

"There are many wonders to behold.

An adventure awaits ahead."

I hopped upon his shell,

And held on with all my might.

The turtle gazed to the heavens,

And suddenly, he took flight.

Around the earth we cruised,

From Sacramento to Japan

From the jungles of Brazil

To the deserts full of sand.

And then we began to climb.

Up, and up we flew.

Beyond the atmosphere we soared

To destination number two.

Beauty and wonder filled my eyes,

As we flew along Orion's belt.

A strange, unknown feeling in my gut,

The likes of which, I've never felt.

What is this boiling inside me,

I demand to know.

"All in good time," the voice inside me spoke.

"For now, enjoy the show."

We zoomed by Mars.

Visited Jipiter's spot.

And saw the rings of Saturn up close,

They're prettier than I thought.

And still I felt like there's something

That I'm supposed to learn.

"Be patient, all will become clear"

The inner voice had sounded stern.

One more stop along our way,

The moment is almost here.

The answer is upon you,

It has always been quite near.

With that, I was inside myself,

Seeing with my inner eye.

The wonders here on Earth,

The beauties of the sky.

I felt the pulses of all things living,

I saw the memories of the dead.

I felt the cosmos flowing through me

The voices of the stars screamed inside my head.

We are all connected

Every life and every death.

we breathe the same air.

We share the same breath.

Finally I understood.

Finally I knew.

Finally I could see.

Exactly what I must do.

With wisdom in his eye,

The turtle looked at me.

With a smile on his lips, he asked

"My friend, do you see?"


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I do like it , but it sounds familiar to a Japanese folk-tale about a child who grabbed onto a turtle and had a fantastic voyage- but certainly not outer space .

Man ! I miss acid ... :( ...it's the best drug ever -if it's 'good ' . I've asked my wife to try to make some at the hospital - but she won't ! What a bitc* - and can you believe she is allowed to be in the medical profession ?! She could bring home morphine / coke / you name it - and grade 'A ' stuff - but 'no ' , says her .

Arrrgh ! :P Bunch of quacks !

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