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Ian Anderson

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This was one of the hardest interviews I've had to prepare, since asking Ian a question he hasn't already answered many times is extremely challenging. Then there's the fact that he hates doing interviews. Maybe "hate" is a little strong, but he sees them as something necessary to continue his job as a successful performing musician. To get through these inquisitions, he launches monologues on various topics at the slightest prompting - say "flute," and you'll get the flute story, for instance.

I needed a gimmick. So I pulled some old radio station promo materials from a somewhat unreliable source with some tidbits about him, and I asked him if they were true. This is how we ended up talking about a urinal.

Ian is an extremely interesting guy and very funny. He did launch a monologue or two, but also gave us some great stuff about the vocal effect in "Aqualung," why they didn't play Woodstock, touring with Led Zeppelin, and if the Eagles ripped him off on "Hotel California." Check out the Ian Anderson interview

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Very good interview, Carl... :thumbsup: You made me read it and enjoy it though I never really liked Jethro Tull. That' s one of the points...

Then you get to make him talk about interesting stuff, not only what he thinks or feels, like most of rock stars -old ones...- do.

I loved how he reacts about "Hotel California".

I'm proud to have this interview in my web page :grin:

Yes, it makes me proud to be a Songfactor... :)

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