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I was listening to an internet radio and I heard this magnificent version of the iconic song "Hey Joe". It lasted more then 10 minutes with great electric blues guitar solos.

However I don't know who sang/played it, nor do I know whether it was a live version or not.

It's not Jimi's version, it's definitely not the Leaves' version.

Any leads?


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Roy Buchanan maybe?

that's not over 10min though

This comes very close!

Same style, same feelings. Just less virtuoso.

Maybe it's a different live version form him.

It's not a band/guitarist I know. So Deep Purple, Nick Cave isn't the one I have in mind sorry.

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Eek! Good luck guys. Allmusic.com lists 736 different occurences of Hey Joe (not necessarily different artists, but different recordings). Look Here. Popular song. :P

Viaene, a couple of questions. Can you describe the singers voice at all? Also, could you maybe contact the website via email and ask them?

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