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Great trivia question for ya!!

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I know the answer to this one...but I thought it'd be fun to see who else can figure it out.

Name the only band whose individual members each played on solo Beatles albums. For note, none of them ever did it together..each was individual. And it covers all four solo Beatles. Have fun!!

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Probably...One of the Best Albums ever made,

and it was recorded in only ten days!

Whitlock wrote Bell bottom blues with E.C But was never credited for it.

Jim Gordon the Drummer wrote the Beautiful piano part,

which is amazing for a drummer.

I Named my baby Daughter's middle name LAYLA because i love

the album so much.

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Burntfire nabbed it with a good guess. Cream is correct!! All three members can brag that they played on solo Beatles albums. No one else can lay claim to that. And it covers all four Beatles!!! Nice work, everyone.

Can you be more specific - e.g. which members of Cream have played on Paul's albums? And which solo-Beatles'albums have Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker played on?

I've got them all, I just can't be bothered to go through them to check it out!

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Sure....Eric Clapton is no stranger to Beatles projects, group or solo. He's on the White Album, as we all know, etc.

In the solo years, he's in the Plastic Ono Band that did the "Live-Peace In Toronto" album in 1969 with John. He also toured with George culminating in the double Live In Japan CD. That's enough right there.

Jack Bruce took three tours of duty with Ringo as part of the All-Starr band and is, therefore, on some All-Starr band CD's.

Ginger is the one no one ever knows about. When Paul was making Band On The Run in Nigeria, he was using the EMI studio in Lagos. Ginger was living there and owned a smaller studio called ARC. Paul wound up recording the song "Picasso's Last Words" there and there was need for a percussion break. Ginger went out back behind the studio and filled some cans with gravel. He then returned to the studio and started playing. It isn't in the background...it's a "solo" of sorts between segments of that complicated pastiche of a song. He did not receive liner note credit but the booklet in the 25th anniversary package has notes by Mark Lewisohn..very respected..and he and Paul tell that story. So...Ginger is on a Paul album...and there you have it.


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You are SO right! I remembered about Jack playing with Ringo and I just checked out the booklet with the 25th anniversary copy of "Band On The Run" and it says ...what you said. And, sure, everyone knows that Clapton played with George and John. So...GREAT piece of trivia.

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