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Looking for a song about cookies


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about cookies. It has to be very family friendly and online some place where I can access it. YouTube should work or a similar site.

I was going to use the Who Stole The Cookie song but I can't find a version of it that I like at all. I also thought of The Muppet's but I don't really like any of those either.

So I thought I'd ask for help from the pros again :D

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removed the need for ellipses :D
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Well I like one on the link edna sent but I guess I can't use YT after all. I was told I could. Now I need to find it somewhere other then YT :(

I like this one: Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen - Cookies

I tried googling but can only find it on YT :help:

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For ANY songs concerning eating, or any type of food, you gotta check out Weird Al.

Once again, he comes through

Here's a song celebrating the virtues of the beloved Oreo...

Behold, Weird Al's 'The Whie Stuff'

Yes, the song sucks, but it is about cookies

...much more palatable than 'My Balogna'

pass the milk ,please

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Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Bill Steele

They're made out of sugar and butter and flour;

You put'em in the oven about a quarter hour,

But the thing that gives'em their magic power

Is the chocolate chips inside.

Chocolate chip cookies, I gotta have more,

You can bake'em in the oven, or buy'em at the store

But whatever you do have'em ready at the door

And I'll love you till I die!

I can do without booze; I can do without pot;

I can do without nicotine, no thanks a lot!

But bring'em from the oven, nice and hot

And I'm a chocolate chip cookie fiend.


You can't eat one; you can't eat two;

Once you start chewing, there's nothing to do

But clean your plate, and eat the crumbs too,

Then go and find some more.


If you want to make a friend,

You don't need beauty or money to spend;

Give'em all your love, but be sure you send

Some chocolate chip cookies, too.


I knew a little woman, once upon a time:

Ugly as sin and she didn't have a dime;

I was just gonna leave her but she changed my mind;

She made those cookies for me.


I know another woman, pretty as a star,

Had a lot of money and a big sports car,

But I had to leave her, that's the way things are;

She couldn't make cookies for me.


Now when it comes to women, you must be wise;

Sometimes you have to compomise;

I finally met a girl who was just my size,

So I made cookies for her.


Now when I die, I don't want wings,

A golden halo or a harp that sings

Give me a book, a fire and someone who brings

Chocolate chip cookies all day.


I'll see if I can find the song where you can listen to it...

Edit:...Oh I see the mp3 is listed on the site Edna posted...

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Thanks Laurie that one looks really possible to :D

Thanks to everyone else for their input as well. I can't find Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen - Cookies anywhere and it wasn't on Grooveshark either.

And MC and BF umm thanks for the suggestions. I think :shades: I'm sure the little kiddies would love those two songs :laughing:

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I just read all the lyrics Laurie and I don't think the booze and pot referance is gonna fly :D
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