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A friend co-worker and I were discussing music today, and the topic got around to ' what band sounds like another band', which led to who's music seeps through in other band's songs?

For instance, there is no doubt in my mind that Chrissy Hynde was a big influence was a big influence on Shania Twain. If you listen to their styles, every once in a while, she'll (Twain) will have a certain vibratto (is that the right word?) or inflection in her song that is strikingly similar to Chrissy Hynde. Maybe it's just me, but when I first heard it, I thought "man, she sounds like somebody else" When I finally made the connection, it all fell into place. I started picking up on more and more similarities.

Anyone else have any comparisons they'd like to share?

By the way, if this has already been covered before, please disregard this post. ::

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This has been done before but it's been some time and it's not on the first page. ::

There are a lot of inspirations that I gather from music. From Little Richard's whoooo! mimicked by the Beatles to personal observations of such bands like Guns-n-Roses' Sweet Child of Mine to Aerosmith's Sick as a Dog.

One can literally sing the lyric's to Sick as a Dog to Slash's harmonics in Sweet Child of Mine. Think of the simularites in each song's rhythms.

Just an IMO as well as a countless thought.

Most recent inspiration in my mind is the simularity of Jet to AC/DC, at least in the song, Cold Hearted Bitch.

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It looks like someone's face that has been photoshopped. It also looks like the mirror guy from the movie Shrek. It kind of looks like the symbol for drama (The laughing face/ The crying face). Or like a modernized version of the logo for the game Taboo. Did I hit the mark? Was I even close?

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