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Musical Infuences


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Now that's funny.

Oh, never has a question irritated me when it's sincere and void of rhetoric. Even rhetorical questions do not, but rather, disappoint.

Yours are what make the unknown knowable even if it's wrong or right which is the paradox.

My persistence of remaining an anonymous entity is equally as great as your investigation of it's truth.

It moves universes.

Relating to the topic:

I can't help but notice the simularities of style and inspirations Elvis Presley had on Glen Danzig and definitely Freddie Mercury's Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

If anyone has my respect like the King does it's Freddie Mercury. Isn't it sad both left before they were through?

But then, are we, anyone or thing, past, present or future, ever through? I think not.

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A sincere question is never vain.

Oh, speaking of vain, I can't help but notice Stevie Nicks' inspiration from Carly Simon.

I was thinking more along the lines of Alanis Morrisette being inspired by Carly Simon. "You're So Vain"? "You Oughta Know"? Except Alanis sucked :thumbsdown: I'll take squeaky duck/witchy-woman, Stevie, any day over Alanis...

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Something unsolvable isn't cause or reason for dissatisfaction but should be instead, contentment in the endlessness of the imagination. Some things are much more intriguing when they are not figured out. Scratch that, all things.

It's all-knowing, for ever and ever.

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In the sense of the word image, yes. But, the image itself cannot be conceived in that way.

You are as close as you can be, but still, it is only part of a much larger picture.

Being on the right track is where you are.

Further into the thread topic:

I don't notice many simularites between Flock of Seagulls' Photograph to Def Leppard's Photograph, nor the Verve Pipe's. Well, maybe just a little in the Verve Pipe.

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I know it may sound a bit redundent but led zepplin has been one of my biggest influences. Mainly cause im a drummer :drummer: and john bonham had one of the most unique drumming styles that really stood out. Also bands like red hot chili peppers and faith no more have been some strong influences, not to mention weezer. Its also cool when a new band will come out and it will influence me rather quickly for example, bands like coheed and cambria, and thrice really stand out for me.

thats it for me,

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I seem to have missed somewhat of a rather philosophical conversation going on here! (For more on my thoughts on philosophical discussions, visit the moderators only forum!)

Now, as with everything else about which I am generally so explicit, we have to split the title of this topic up into two separate sections.

The first is musical influences for our own personal listening. Those who I have been closest to my heart have been the most knowledgeable about these. Most of my harmony knowledge has been very much thanks to The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, who I've grown up listening to and deconstructing the harmony of.

The other reasons I tend to write in these styles stem from the fact that I've been trained in classical music. It's so much easier to think in this way than any other for me.

If I started composing something which to me was harmonically unsound, I'd begin to worry.

The other side of the coin is the coin that I don't so much exhibit any more (for obvious reasons) which is my writing. As you may or may not be aware, things between me and my girlfriend have moved on at such a rate that... well, I can't tell you everything that's happened, for fear of inciting shock and hatred. If you know what's happened, you know, if you don't, you don't.

This should be providing so much writing inspiration. At the moment, it isn't, but that will come with time. That and I'm worried about never being able to top some of my recent works. I might have to be going back to my old style of writing, dousing myself in everything spiritually beautiful in order to come up with some kind of writing. It'll be a hard job, but I'll do it. Eventually.

Love and mercy


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I believe that copy-catting someone is synoymous with being influenced. Maybe we are seeing the word influenced in a different perspective. It does have dual meanings.

Inspiration is on a more respected ground although imitation has been widely deemed as the most sincerest form of flattery.

The love of money lives to flatter.

Oh, Dave, a very talented artist. Wouldn't you agree?

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