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Rolled Back to 10/13

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What you are seeing at this moment is the boards before the big database crash of 10/14. We tried to recover the post-crash posts, but it made a huge mess and we had to pull from backup.

So, 10/14 and 10/15 are pretty much a wash, which means you might see a post or two about how it's a great time to jump into the stock market.

Now we will try to move the boards to a more functional server that will hopefully solve the problem. Sorry about the mess.

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Thanks Carl. I'm sure there was nothing earthshattering lost that we cannot recreate, and this is better than the clean up that was here to be done last night. Most of the stuff from the past 2 days (except maybe the Top Ten) was temporary anyway.

Thanks again! :)

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The crash was caused by a server meltdown, which usually causes some downtime and then things return to normal, but in this case it mangled the database and we had to restore from backup.

The boards are hosted with the Fusion folks, which is shared hosting, which means if another site gets a spike in traffic or does something silly, it can take down the boards. What we're going to do is move to the main Songfacts server where it's our own machine. Now we just have to figure out how to do that with minimal disruption...

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