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Buffett is finally #1!

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I love to call Ken out... ::

(Posted:07/21/04 From Entertainment Weekly

by Gary Susman)

Jimmy Buffett scores his first-ever No. 1.

BIG CHEESE Buffett has his first No. 1

Right now, Jimmy Buffett must be in paradise, eating a cheeseburger. The famously laid-back singer has just scored the first No. 1 album of his three-decade career. Parrotheads snapped up 234,000 copies of his country-flavored ''License to Chill,'' according to SoundScan. That was enough to dethrone G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks, who fell to No. 3 after two weeks in the top spot on the Billboard chart and sold another 111,000 copies of ''The Hunger for More.'' It was also enough to withstand a challenge from the Roots, who entered the chart at No. 4 with ''The Tipping Point,'' on sales of 109,000.

Holding in second place for the sixth week was Usher's ''Confessions,'' which shifted another 125,000 units. Sliding two slots to fifth place was Gretchen Wilson's ''Here for the Party'' (89,000 sold).

The other new top 10 entry was the soundtrack to Hilary Duff's ''A Cinderella Story,'' which sold 73,000 copies to enter the chart at No. 9. Prince, who is selling a CD of ''Musicology'' with each concert ticket, sold 74,000 discs this week and took a giant leap back into the top 10, from No. 64 to No. 8. Rounding out the top 10 were Avril Lavigne's ''Under My Skin'' (down one spot to No. 6), Big & Rich's ''Horse of a Different Color'' (slipping one notch to No. 7), and the self-titled release by Los Lonely Boys, which held at No. 10.

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Cyb, whuffo you hate Jimmy? I am willing to bet it's because A)- You haven't had the chance to hear his music, or B)- at your current stage of the game, it has no appeal to you. But dig on this, little brother. It's inevitable. Someday is a comin' when you are gonna be loaded up nice and neat with the minivan payment, the cable bill, the gas bill, a flushed GI Joe, Legos in your heat-registers, a wheezing transmission, an arsehole boss, and it'll hit you like an epiphany. "JIMMY, is GOD". Singing happy songs about getting jacked on a beach while the world slides by. Until this time comes to pass, enjoy what you've got. Keep a stock of Jimmy in supply for yourself, you gonna need it....


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