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Ad tune needs ID "I won't stray, like a drifter, from a flame"


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hi.does anyone know of a ballad with a single male voice (resembles bob seger)and some lyrics : i wont stray , like a drifter , from a flame...,don't be afraid of a whisper, and dont be afraid...,i wont stray .i heard it on a tv commercial.i have it taped but i cannot utube it without i guess getting arrested.well ,( i am not that eager to know the song id).if you know a way i can get it public so you people may hear the sample .anyway thanks :(

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That's easy federer! Just click reply and then ... you'll see several little boxes directly above the reply box. Click the box on the bottom row, third from the left (the little globe). You paste your youtube url there, click, it gives you the option of adding a title, click again, et voila, your youtube link is posted!

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It depends... I get those notices all the time, but apparently the stuff I upload belongs to UMG, and they allow their music to be played everywhere, they'll only add an ad banner on the youtube site. It says so in the notice too... so my videos won't be removed, my account won't be closed either, I just have to put up with some ads.

It's probably different with 'real' videos though which contain footage of actual events, not just pictures.

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