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What's Your Default Song?


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From Mental Floss~

Loyal readers of this blog will recall my post on default songs, a term I coined that refers to the song you default to when either there’s no song in your head, or you want to get a lousy song OUT of your head. Default songs can change as you change, and since my original default song post was a year ago, I’m sure many of you have new default songs by now - tunes you’re just itching to share with us.

For instance, when last I posted on the subject, my default song was AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long†(apologies to those who now have it stuck in your head). Thankfully, sometime around Thanksgiving, my default song changed over to the wonderfully benign folk tune, “Coming ‘Round the Mountain.†This is because I sing a variation of it every night to my son Jack when it’s time for his bath.

As I wrote before, most of the time a default song isn’t something you have much control over. It’s just there, sawing away in the background.

You hear it? Stop. Be quiet. Listen. What song is playing in your head right now? Whatever it is, it may be your default song. It might also be the last song you heard at the local supermarket while standing in line to buy groceries as you thumbed mindlessly through People magazine.

So I ask you again: What’s your default song these days and, just as importantly: are you happy about it or annoyed?

My default song is I Wanna Be Sedated-The Ramones and I'm happy about it. The Ramones are cool and I Wanna Be Sedated is repetative enough to drive out any other song without being obnoxious.

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I haven't monitored to which one I'm the more likely to resort, but I have two default songs. I break out into song quite frequently throughout the working day, and as long as there are no other musical stimuli around to distract me, the lines I sing are almost invariably:

"All men have secrets and here is mine so let it be known, we have been through hell and high-tide, surely I can rely on you, and yet you start to recoil, heavy words are so lightly thrown, but still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you..." which is the opening of "What Difference Does It Make?" by The Smiths, I sing about as far as the end of the first chorus, then start to get the words muddled up.

"Bless my cotton socks, I'm in the news! The king sits on his face but it's all assumed, all wrapped up the same, all wrapped up the same, They can't have it, I can't have it, we all can't have it too, until I learn to accept my reward" which is the opening of "Reward" by The Teardrop Explodes.

Funnily enough though, The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated" is quite high up the list of my own "default songs".

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One that I sing in the shower, driving home if I hate listening to the radio or my CD player is Me and Bobby McGee, I've been singing that one for many years. I tend to break out into it when I've been drinking too.

As for another one, that can change daily. Being I work in radio and hear music most of the day, sometimes I'll just sing a song that I love that I played on my show. I might be singing it as I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep. Depends on my mood which one I mihgt grasp on for the day. Yesterday it was Clapton's Tulsa Time...

My mother says Im crazy,

My baby calls me lazy,

But Im gonna show them all this time

cause you know I aint no fool and

I dont need no more damn schoolin.

I was born to just walk the line.

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Well, it's not there all the time, and it doesn't usually interfere with what I'm doing like an ear worm does... it only starts when I realise I don't have an ear worm, or my head's rather empty, or I'm thinking about something I don't want to think about and force myself to think of something else.

Though that sounds a bit like a combination of both :P ;)

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It's been this "Mama just killed a man" etc part of Bohemian Rhapsody for the past few weeks... and it's really starting to get on my nerves.

ha bohemian rhapsody has been my default song for quite a while...it's quite good coz it has a lot of variation...unless you end up with the same part playing on repeat in your head...

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