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Tell Me About Grand Funk Railroad

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I saw GFR several times back in 1970 - 1972. They brought a huge amount of energy to their concerts, and the band I played in covered their songs a lot (mainly because they were all three chords and a cloud of dust). They were freaking LOUD too; not sure if they used Marshall or Carvin, but it had to be 120 DB near the speakers. Mark Farner was not the greatest guitarist from a pure technical point of view but man he could crank out some energy.

I think someone posted some youtube links, there are some great clips of those early concerts.

Just go to youtube.com and type in "Grand Funk Railroad".

Oh, and then they began to really stink up the place with the commercially successful "We're an American Band". In my opinion, of course. But maybe not just mine because they didn't do a whole lot after that.

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